January 20, 2010

Alright all, time to setup an agenda for the weekly BuddyPress developer discussion for January 20, 2010.

I’ll edit this post as things trickle in. So far we’ve got:

  1. Specific tickets that need attention for 1.2
  2. More testing of WordPress (single blog/non-MU/non-multisite)
  3. Start to set roadmap for 1.3 (might be early for this)
  4. Look for volunteers to specialize and focus on specific components
  5. Bug gardening
  6. Codex improvements (I really love the new jQuery API docs)
  7. Make a detailed write up on how to install BuddyPress and SVN on local environments
  8. Realign roadmap and repoll community for 1.3
  9. Allow users to change display language for 1.2
  10. Skeleton component needs updating