Summary of Jan 20th dev chat

Thanks to all who participated in this first BuddyPress dev chat; same time same place next week.

We looked at the outstanding tickets for BuddyPress 1.2. Andy’s done some awesome working getting large numbers of bugs fixed in the last few days, but there are plenty which people can help out on by checking tickets and confirm validity. Andy said his plan was to get most of the major tickets, and most of the important minor tickets, resolved before the 1.2 beta. Tickets #1086, #1222 and #1445 were mentioned; they deal with i18n issues so a request was made for anyone familiar with issues surrounding i18n to take a look.

We are going to contact active WordPress bug gardeners and share ideas on ticket workflow. Andy Peatling is going to add some custom reports to the BuddyPress trac to make ongoing ticket management easier.

We moved on to discussing “bug gardening”. This involves looking at tickets when they come in and checking that the issue has enough detail for a developer to investigate and commenting, tagging and assigning a milestone appropriately. As volume of tickets begins to increase, we need more people helping out.

Testing for 1.2 now needs to concentrate on regular WordPress installs (not WPMU). So far it appears to be stable, but we are interested also in usability on regular WordPress; if anyone finds installation quirks or oddities please open a defect ticket on trac. It was confirmed and re-iterated that BuddyPress 1.2 will be fully compatible with WordPress 2.9.1+ and WPMU.

People really loved the feature poll which was on the site back in the heady days of BuddyPress 1.0. We are going to create a new sub-forum where anyone can post any ideas or features into the hat that they’d like to see in future BuddyPress versions. A future dev chat will then go through the ideas, make a selection, then put those into a poll on the site for people to vote on. This will decide what happens to BuddyPress in 1.3 and beyond.

Andy shared his thoughts on the future of BuddyPress. He’d like to see the development of BuddyPress broken down into chunks, and find people that are really interested in specific features. For example, if you really love the activity stream functionality, you could focus specifically on that and stick to patching and improving just that area. The long term goal being to get teams on components, and have that transition into core commit teams. A thread is going up on the forums to explore this idea in more detail.

John James Jacoby, GIGALinux and junsuijin have formed a documentation team to improve the BuddyPress codex. Some discussion and comparisons were made with the jQuery API website, and People in the chat were also keen on the idea of screencasts, and that discussion is continuing in this thread.

To read the full chat log, visit the IRC chat log website (the meetup starts at 19:00 timestamp, and is one hour long).

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