Summary of Jan 27th dev chat

Despite Apple’s best efforts to distract us, the BuddyPress dev chat of Jan 27th happened and interesting subjects were discussed.

There is a ticket concerning an issue around AJAX loading of content (such as in the activity stream) and how it is handled if Javascript isn’t available on a device. We discussed a method where we check for a cookie and loading appropriately. Andy is going to explore this and other ideas and update the Trac ticket.

Regarding i18n and string freeze: In the future, the theme will have its own localisation file (e.g. ‘bp-default’ instead of ‘buddypress’). For version 1.2, we just aim to not touch strings for at least 2 days before launch.

Regarding changes for plugin developers in 1.2, Andy is going to check against some popular BuddyPress plugins and see where things break. A blog post or codex page will be written to show the major changes.

The @mention system generated most comment. Following on from the forum post (see the agenda post for the link), there are some implementation concerns but they aren’t considered to be a big enough problem to not put into version 1.2.
Andy mentioned that a recent change now allows @replys to work “pretty much everywhere.” Theme changes are going to be made that make’s a persons @username more prominent on their profile page and around the site — i.e. “This is your tag: @apeating – others can write this anywhere and you will be notified of the content.” The user experience will continue to be enhanced in future versions.

To read the full chat log, visit the IRC chat log website (the meetup starts at 19:00 timestamp, and is about half an hour long).