Summary of Feb 10th dev chat

We actually had to scratch unicorns and unicode from the agenda due to time constraints. But we did manage to cover the following:

String freeze for 1.2 was discussed. We clarified that this was a request from translators to have a “final” version of the strings final for the 1.2 release, so they wouldn’t waste their time if we changed a string the next day, for example.
We are going to link into the BuddyPress SVN repository via svn:externals. What this means for non-developers is that: pretend that I contribute a de_DE translation. I tag it /1.2/ (i.e. same as the BuddyPress release it is for). When people download BuddyPress, it’ll pull your translation for that tagged version and put it into the BuddyPress archive.
As such, a string freeze isn’t needed as people can contribute to translations at any time — i.e. get your 1.2 translations tagged and ready from the current BuddyPress trunk.

Jjj is going to look at HTML validation of the default theme and commit any corrections in time for 1.2.

Designing different themes for different parts of the site harks back to 1.0-theme system; the consenus was that the reporter is thinking of a drop-down box on the admin settings. This isn’t going to happen as each page can be easily styled with a child theme.

And in to wrap it up, Andy Peatling said that he is aiming for a Monday 15th Feb release of BuddyPress 1.2 unless any critical issues are found.

The chat log for this discussion can be found here, starting at the 19:00 timestamp and lasts approximately twenty minutes..