Summary of February 17th dev chat

Good lively discussion today. Missed it? Missed out.

We have a ticket (#1728) to address WP_DEBUG warnings in BP 1.3+. Any patches are more than welcome.

WordPress point releases have the name of a jazz singer. Does BuddyPress do the same? Consensus was that it’s a bit of a fun thing to do, but it depends a lot on Andy Peatling’s taste in music.

We discussed about what would happen if we added extra admin options, and more granular control over specific site settings. At the moment, we have group moderators and admins, and that’s about it. All agreed making use of, or implementing something similar to WordPress’ user ranks/permission system, would be awesome. Bowe’s volunteered to create a ticket on Trac so we can discuss this as there’d be a lot to plan out.

Jjj reports that work on the updated BuddyPress Codex is coming along well. It will have a theme design based on the new BuddyPress site design. Part of the work involved is moving the existing Pages to Posts. Volunteers will be needed at a later stage to put all the posts into custom taxonomies which are still to be agreed. Jjj will let people know when he needs help with specific tasks, but please don’t let this stop you contributing useful and quality documentation; you’re the best-selling writer and we’re just your editor.

We had a big discussion on the age-old PHP4 vs PHP5 debate. Suffice to say no real conclusions were drawn, and if you’re interested in reading the arguments, take a read of the chat log (link at the bottom of this post).

As more people begin to use our IRC room, in order to keep chatter on-topic at peak times, we are going to keep #buddypress-dev for development discussion and, once we’ve taken control of #buddypress back from freenode, will be using #buddypress for anything that is not development-related.

ADDENDUM: BuddyPress forum moderators had a discussion to ensure we are approaching the BuddyPress forums consistently. To wit:

      1) Everyone is permitted 1 topic to advertise their projects regardless of whether it is $free or for money. For example, provide a description, any support or download links, … we’ll thank you, refer other forum users to the above links for support, and then close the topic.
      2) Traffic lights (the red/green “has this topic been resolved?” graphics) can be used on any type of post.

    The chat log for this discussion can be found here, starting at the 19:00 timestamp and lasts approximately thirty minutes…