Summary of April 21st Dev Chat

Status of 1.2.4 and release date / 1.2 branch bugs and 3.0 trunk
Probably to go out early next week; some important fixes and no point waiting for WordPress 3.0 as that seems to have been delayed somewhat. Still some biggish fixes to do.

Update from Marshall on the new API docs
Now at The wiki on the BP Trac wasn’t awesome enough. site
Almost done! Site will have to go down for a few hours in the next couple of days to upgrade it and change the oil.

Status of 1.3
Once is updated as per above, work will ramp up on this.

Congratulations to MrMaz and r-a-y, since we haven’t had a dev chat since they both got promotions to committing developer and forum moderator statuses, respectively.

Alot of other stuff was discussed, but all of it pretty much off-topic.