Summary of May 5th Dev Chat

Good job Andy for the redesign! R-a-y is going to go through the site feedback forum thread and compile a summary of remaining issues.

John announced that whilst the default BuddyPress theme won’t change for 1.3, another Automattic designer, Kevin Conboy (who did the Poll Daddy redesign) has been drafted in to develop future BP themes. John wants to see special themes to help draw out specific functionality in each of the components.

John said that 1.2.4 will be out the door by the end of the week, along with the Followers plugin. WordPress 3.0 coming out before BuddyPress 1.3. BuddyPress 1.2.4 will come with better WordPress 3.0 support, so that BP doesn’t break when you upgrade core WP. There are 3 defect tickets for the 1.2.4 release at the moment, and Paul Gibbs asked the core developers to consider some of the enhancement tickets that have patches attached (

Boone B. Gorges and r-a-y wanted to know about documentation, both developer and end-user. The core developers will be working to improve code-level PHPDoc coverage going forward.

Recent spam problems on the website were discussed, as well as an open discussion on how to handle spam in general on BuddyPress. A forum thread or group will be made to discuss in more detail.

Andrea_r reports the twentyten BuddyPress child theme is almost done! There is a demo at