Summary of June 30th Dev Chat

First rule of BP Dev Chat is to talk about BP Dev Chat. In summary:

1) BP 1.2.5 is out; BP in a week or two to fix minor bugs that crop up.

2) BP.Org action plan; how can the community help resolve issues (password is “cake”) on since the redesign? Boone Gorges is coordinating a ninja team who will address issues and improve the website. Please contact Boone if you would like to help. Boone or one of his pirates will update at the next Dev Chat.

3) Regarding BP and Automattic; Andy Peatling reminds that we drive the project, not Automattic, and that Automattic doesn’t drive WordPress either. Andy says that there are plans to use BuddyPress on in the future, and on and that there are “no immediate plans” for a

4) Regarding the recent discussion about the direction of the BuddyPress, and communication around that, Andy will write a blog post about the current status of the projects, plans going forwards and a call for action. We will wait for that, and for initial feedback from Boone’s Pirates, and discuss at a future Dev chat.

The next Dev Chat will be on July 14th.