Summary of July 14th Dev Chat


Release management / testing
The consensus was that a major release will have more active testers and eyeballs than minor releases, such as the recent 1.2.5.x versions. Unless a security or otherwise critical issue comes up, we will have a code freeze/testing period of at least a week before minor releases, to catch any obvious snagging issues.

Boone Gorges will look at a list of feature suggestions for future versions of BuddyPress from earlier this year, and will update it appropriately. In the next developer chat, those present will go through and discuss each item, with a view for a BuddyPress Future Feature poll; approx. mid/late August. update
Boone Gorges reports that so far his ninja team has solicited feedback, stirred the codex pot and collected some enhancements for the site. Several issues have been addressed in a single day, which is fantastic — thank you to all who are/have/will be helping out.

Branch / Trunk merge
This is boring for non-programmers, but the 1.3 development version is several months out of sync with the 1.2 releases. John James Jacoby was not present to update, but he has said he will be doing this, so we await with baited breath.