Minutes of August 11, 2010 dev chat


There are about 10 tickets, most of them fairly small, standing between us and 1.2.6. The thorniest issue is #2000, which concerns duplicate items in the activity stream. After some discussion, it sounds like this ticket might get punted. JJJ on 1.2.6 timing: “hopefully by next week”.

buddypress.org Ninjas
Boone reports progress on two fronts:
1) mercime has been working on an outline for a reorganization of the Codex. Dev and community feedback is requested. Check it out here: http://namoo.co.uk/groups/bpcodex-redesign/wiki/.
2) Boone now has access to the buddypress.org theme and plugins, and will be beginning the process of applying patches next week.

A poll will appearing soon on buddypress.org where community members can vote for what gets put on the roadmap.

All in attendance agreed that spam is a can of worms. Several ideas for combatting spam, both on bp.org and within BuddyPress itself, were floated, ranging from foxly’s discussion from a few months back, JJJ’s in-progress Honeypot, and Humanity. peterkirn and others are planning to start a group on buddypress.org to continue the conversation and offer up some suggestions.

Small strides are being made, both in plugin-land and in the core, toward the possibility of a longtime dream, multi-BP (or is it BPMU?)

Finally, the all-important issue of who’s in charge was thoroughly discussed. Thanks for a good meetup!

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