Minutes of August 25 dev chat


Version 1.2.6 still looms, and the open bug tickets list is getting shorter. Jeff Sayre promised a revised patch to one of his open tickets, and Paul Gibbs is working on a fix for the blocker #2603.

buddypress.org Job Board
justbishop on the forums raised the possibility of a buddypress.org job board akin to the WP jobs site. Down the road, the hope is that buddypress.org will have a specially designed area for job postings. In the meantime, hnla has created a buddypress.org group for job postings, which will be overseen in the same manner as the core support groups.

buddypress.org Ninjas
Boone reports that he’s finally gotten a mirror of buddypress.org on his local machine, and has submitted his first patch – a fix for activity permalinks – to Andy for review and deployment. Another patch is in the works for allowing code in the support forums. After that come some of the many enhancements that the Ninjas have submitted. The group was also reminded about the Codex Redesign discussion, which is still underway.

Moderator discussion
Paul raised the issue of locking/closing forums on buddypress.org, as there have been some complaints that the mods have been a bit harsh. All were agreed that it’s important to prevent spamming, flaming, and cross-posting. The issue of duplicate topics is a bit thornier: everyone agrees that dupes have a tendency to fragment the conversation, but no one wants buddypress.org to be an unfriendly place to ask questions. Jeff suggested that, for the moment, we try directing duplicate posters to the original thread, but leave the duplicate open (at least for a few days).

The idea of installing bp-moderation on buddypress.org was raised. (And the gang all cheered!) There was also some discussion of patching BuddyPress capabilities to allow someone other than the Super Admin to moderate groups and members. Such a patch would make it easier to hand the reins to buddypress.org moderators.