Summary of 8th September Dev Chat


bbPress-BuddyPress feature discussion
John James Jacoby, who is also a lead developer of bbPress, says that from BuddyPress’ perspective, it should be a graceful transition to the upcoming version of bbPress. The plan is for no existing features to be removed, but instead of being bundled with BuddyPress, users will be directed to to install it.
Importantly, BuddyPress’ forums component will be rewritten to abstract it away from being bbPress-specific, so that support can be added to BuddyPress for other forum systems.

Google Summer of Code
BuddyPress had three projects in this year’s Google Summer of Code:

All the projects are great, so we recommend that you check them out.

Custom Post Types
Custom post types will come to BuddyPress 1.4, as previously planned.

BuddyPress 1.2.6
There are only a few tickets left. Due to changes in some essential core functions, we will be making available a release candidate soon so that more testing can be carried out.

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