Help improve the BuddyPress Codex

The BuddyPress Codex ( has recently undergone some reorganizations, led by the Ninjas squad and Mercime in particular. The new framework is a big improvement over the old one, but there is still some missing content. If you’ve got some BuddyPress knowledge, you’re invited to jump in and help. (And see this thread for more discussion.)

What can you do?

  • Fill in a stub page. Some pages, like, are empty. If you’ve got experience – even just a sentence or two’s worth – don’t be shy. Share!
  • Edit existing pages. If you see something incomplete, incorrect, or out of date, please feel free to change it.
  • Copyedit. Even if you’re not a BuddyPress developer, many pages could use some cleanup.

If you’re logged in with your username, you should see an Edit This Page button at the very bottom of each Codex page. Click it, or visit the Dashboard, to start helping out. And thanks!

#codex, #ninjas