Minutes BuddyPress 1.2.6 release Ticket …


BuddyPress 1.2.6 release
Ticket 2587 is the only blocker. 1.2.6 is likely to be released by the end of this week.
A lot of key internal functions regarding the permalinks and active components have been changed, and we’d like any more feedback from tests of non-standard installations, such as deactivating components and turning things on and off.

Release cycles
Future releases will have an improved, more predictable release schedule, such as how the core WordPress team handles releases. BuddyPress’ core dev team and contributors will be considering this when 1.2.6 is shipped and work starts on 1.3, probably in the next couple of dev chats.

Boone has been continuing to improve the website; check out the cool ‘topics I started’ page. More is on the way, and as always, volunteers are welcome to help improve the Codex: see this discussion for more details.

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