Running an audit on all files in the nex…

Running an audit on all files in the next few weeks to clean up all the code and bring it to WP standard before launching 1.3. This is going to include usage of the BP_Component class to help create and register components in the proper order, and will introduce some logic that will help us migrate to custom post types come 1.4.

Along with this, I’m creating a new bp-user component, that everything un-core is going to go into. Signups, notifications, and settings to start. Functions will be properly deprecated but filters and actions won’t be in these circumstances, so these will no doubtably break things.

I’m also going to be deprecating as many CONSTS as I can through-out the code, as they are hackish and an ineffective way to assign values to anything. They will only be used for crazy hidden switches that are needed in rare cases (like MULTIBLOG)

Trunk is about to get ripped up. 🙂