Weekly Update – Sept 12.

Weekly Update – 9/12

Hey team! If you could post your weekly update in the comments below would be swell.

Past Week

  • Security fix to 1.2 branch (props @boonebgorges for packaging)
  • Team meeting on 9/7, decided 1.5 was ready for RC (props @boonebgorges for packaging)
  • Talked with Foxly + John about Codex team direction and focus
  • Tried out Foxly’s BP Tester, which has huge potential
  • Added missing _is_ functions for new Settings component
  • Fixed some root slug conflicts
  • Trac triage and Awaiting Review clean-up

This Week

  • Add feed and 1.5 Dev Cycle widgets to bpdevel sidebar
  • Update the “Forums Setup” page with bbPress 2.0 instructions. Right now it’s pretty empty
  • Monitor trac, hope nothing asplodes in 1.5 rc 1
  • Get screen shots up of redesign and get some feedback