Started chipping away at the admin settings and…

Started chipping away at the admin settings and forums screens this weekend, in preparation for bbPress 2.x migration logic.

  • Moved the complicated bbPress 1.x config-file setup to settings page
  • New bbPress 1.x installs are no longer possible in BuddyPress trunk
  • Forums settings page slowly being deprecated in lieu of it being a temporary setup/migration tab only
  • Actual Forums Settings will be controlled by bbPress going forward
  • bbPress 2.1-r3773 and beyond have preliminary Group Forums setup in place

Some todo’s:

  • bbPress 2.1 Group Forum admin and edit screens
  • Clear migration path from bbPress 1.x to 2.x
  • Improve bbPress 1.x to 2.x migration script to make sure it’s bullet proof. See #BBP1592

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