1.7 scope

After today’s dev chat, the agreed scope of BuddyPress 1.7 looks like:

  • Theme compatibility – making BuddyPress work on every theme – #3741
  • Admin UI for Groups management – #4414
  • Finish the Group Forum integration with bbPress 2 – #3598
  • Improve DB performance when querying users – #4060

Those are the big things, but of course everything else in the 1.7 milestone on Trac is fair game.

We’ll have a separate post up soon about our theme compatibility plans, and how you can shape the future of BuddyPress themes — we’re particularly keen on what people think we should keep and what we might want to change. This will initially involve discussion and then wireframing and UI work; it’s going to be very exciting to work on. We’d love for you to help us build this.

We also discussed problems around distribution and ease of installation of internationalised versions of BuddyPress (the translations) which many non-English language sites use. This is a big focus area for the team, and we’ve got immediate plans to start to improvements over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be writing another post soon about this soon with much more detail.

We’re really keen to get more people involved with contributing to BuddyPress. Whether you’re a developer, or a designer, if it’s your first bug fix or enhancement, or if you’re an existing contributor looking to raise your game, the core team is very happy to talk to anyone interested and find an interesting task for them to work with us on for BuddyPress 1.7. If this sounds like fun, get in touch with us via this website or IRC, BuddyPress.org, or Trac.

Let’s get this party started!