After all the great discussion to do with…

Here is an update on the BuddyPress UI push. After all the great discussion to do with BuddyPress UI we’re now moving into some action based on that. As discussed in Wednesdays dev chat several people are going to start working on wireframes and bring them to the dev chat meeting next week. If there is anything before that it may also be posted here. If anyone wasn’t able to attend and wants to join in you are more than welcome to comment here and get involved.

The current plan is to look specifically at: menus, streams, members, profiles, groups, friends and messaging. During this wireframe process there would also be consideration existing trac tickets, feedback from the chat, discussion on this blog along with new ideas.

The dev chat saw a lot of general discussion about UI and some great thinking of different ways to go that followed on from the formal dev chat. Along with this some consideration of the overall format would be good – the consensus was that a 3 column layout could be worth exploring.

If you’d like to see what wireframes come up from this then come to the developer chat next week at 19:00 UTC, on IRC in Freenode; see the sidebar for connection details.