First pass at Group Administration UI for BP 1.7

One of the big features of BuddyPress 1.6 was the new Activity Management panels in the Dashboard, where site admins can edit, delete, and otherwise manage BP activity content. We’d like to keep the More Admin Goodies trend going in BP 1.7. To that end, I’ve made a first pass at a Groups Management panel: #4414.

The main features of the Group Management panels:

  • Easily view a list of all groups on your installation. Filter by privacy status. Sort by name, ID, last active, number of members. (see screenshot 1)
  • Edit group name, description, settings on a single screen (see screenshot 2)
  • Add group members directly to a group, skipping the invitation process. Features AJAX autosuggest for usernames.
  • Manage existing user roles. Ban, promote, demote, remove multiple members on a single screen.

A few planned features are not yet implemented in the patch (bulk delete, help text, better styling). On the ticket, we’ve also discussed other enhancement ideas, such as drag-and-drop member role management.

If you’re interested in this feature, have ideas for how it might be improved, or – especially! – want to help with patches, please visit #4414.