Current state of wireframes

The amount of wireframes and people getting involved this week has been really great. Thank you for all that contributed so far. I am going to summarise what we’ve got so far in this post. In the developer meeting we will be discussing the current batch of wireframes along with some other topics brought up during this process.

Menus: @nat0n worked on some suggestions for menus:

More here for menus:

@Ubernaut also had some menu suggestions here:

@Mercime also contributed into the menu discussion:

Profiles:@Mercime offered a suggestion for profiles:

@Mercime continued to work on profiles with a second version:

I offered some additional builds based off profiles from @Mercime:

@Modemlooper then continued with another profile suggestion:

I did some suggestions for streams starting with this one:

And then moving into using filtering for the drill down into information:

Messaging/Admin notifications:
I did a suggestion to add to the admin bar:

Messages: I did a suggestion of a revised messaging section:

It is expected that wireframes will continue throughout next week so if you have not yet had a chance to be involved and want to please come along to the developer meeting Wednesday at 19:00 UTC, on IRC in Freenode; see the sidebar for connection details.