Developer chat UI update

Today’s developer chat saw each one of the wireframes so far submitted looked at along with each area that had wireframes.

There are a few take homes that people raised:

  • Mobile / responsive should be considreed and this will also make sure it’s theme independent when you consider all variations
  • With regards to the activity / streams – there was a consensus that a unified stream was better for the majority of cases. A split stream approach could be considered as an extra though but that was an edge case not for default component format.
  • The stream in the split screen was too spread out – a more frugile approah should happen with the stream and not an entire section for usernames for instnace.
  • Filtering was discussed but no clear path was found beyond the fact that multiple filtering can just create confusion.
  • The side menu was agreed to be the winner in layout. This brings up other complication in actual ‘doing’ but it’s the one that will as a default layout provide more flexibility.
  • Also in menus it was considered how they could be brought to be custom menus. This is going to be explored more and reported on by @Paulgibbs.
  • The notification icons are probably more something for 1.8 and beyond when a revision of the way that seciton works may / may not be carried out.
  • Profiles with a sidebar were the winning layout everyone agreed upon. There were varying degrees for how things were arrange and streams were laid out.
  • The message wireframe needed refinement. It was agreed there was too much space taken up with things like notifications.

That’s the summary of all points raised. As we’re still in the wireframe phase any other areas are also still open for wireframes. Anyone that wants to is invited to be part of this process. A thank you goes out to anyone that has contributed so far it’s seen a great response.

The plan is to carry this on both in the forums and through to more developer chats looking to refine the wireframes as this happens. To assist this process sperate topics have been created on where wireframes can be collected.

Member / group directory wireframes:

Stream wireframes:

Menu wireframes:

Profile wireframes:

Message wireframes:

Other wireframes: (a catch all):