This week’s wireframe update

This week has seen more activity on the wireframes so I’m just going to sum up that ahead of the developer meeting tomorrow. This post is a series of links and a snapshot of the activity in the wireframe discussions this week.

The starting point image was:

Moving on from this, several new profile screens were added:

Discussion revolved around would this be a good option to have a custom header per user or is this extra functionality that we may not want to have added into 1.7?
The wireframes also saw the possible move towards putting notifications in this section not messages.
On this blog it was suggested that customisation of profile could be useful such as a html / css option.
More profile suggestions were also added here:

Member/group directory wireframes:
Some wireframes were added to this section:

The second version was mentioned as preferred. There was also a flag raised as to how close these could be if one of the layouts for profiles was picked. It was noted that as nothing was set in profiles it should be added as something to consider when it may be.
EDIT: Some more wireframes were added over night:

Aside from a navigation menu option for mobiles, not much else was wire framed in this section. T

The conversation got quite involved in mobile menus and optimisation.
In another thread but also relating to this area, a jQuery tab solution was suggested at being produced and a screenshot added:

There were 2 suggestions for streams submitted:

Potential issues were mentioned about sizes of images with buttons and also about hiding options under a select menu.

There were several things discussed and wireframes produced about messages.

Potential issues were raised with segmenting and organising actions. Also it was raised the potential of moving out notifications.

If you’d like to get involved then please come along to the developer meeting Wednesday at 19:00 UTC, on IRC in Freenode; see the sidebar for connection details.