Wireframe update from developer chat

This week several people couldn’t make it so the dev chat was a little shorter than previous weeks. I’m going to do a little summary though of the current state of wireframes based on this chat and the forums this week. The summary post for the events in wireframes this past week is here: https://bpdevel.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/this-weeks-wireframe-update/ and this was the starting point for conversation.

Several new wireframes were added right in the last day before the dev chat so those have been added to that list.

A few points from the dev chat are worth mentioning as we move into a more focused / refinement phase of the wireframes:

  • There is a new idea in the mix for right aligning of profiles.

There was a feeling this would simplify things a lot more for smaller widths which would be of benefit. The ‘more…’ was thought to possibly be a bit confusing. There were also voices that didn’t like this different approach to navigation.

  • Custom headers/backgrounds for groups and profiles probably are plugin territory at least right now.
  • The break points we need to consider for responsive design were mentioned: 1382, 992, 768, 600, 480. There was also raised the point we should where possible be mobile first for the design.
  • Icons being used to show / hide on mobile menus was well received as an option for the navigation when on the smallest devices.

If you want to catch up on the developer chat please do so here: https://irclogs.wordpress.org/chanlog.php?channel=buddypress-dev&day=2012-09-05&sort=asc

My suggestion for moving forward this week would be leave the wireframe posts open for people to submit and debate the points. After that probably over the weekend / early next week I am going to try and bring together those thoughts into a set of wireframes that hopefully take the strongest contenders we have. New wireframes may not be needed in all cases – hopefully we have clear winners without any adjustments in a few areas. If anything does need adjusting the only adjustment will be based on agreed feedback.

I will then post this up on the forum and share the files. We can then between us over a few days hopefully agree (adding / refining as needed) a set of final wireframes to bring to everyone in the developer meeting next week.

If anyone has any objections to this please let me know.