Just converted our BuddyPress test site testbp org…

Just converted our BuddyPress test site (testbp.org) over to using bbPress 2.x for group forums.

  • 328 group forums
  • 848 topics
  • 1204 replies

Because of the way we configured that site originally, it’s an odd setup. Suffice it to say, it works pretty well, but having hierarchically nested forums several layers deep tends to be a performance burden. This is something that the old forums suffered from too, and will be addressed in future versions of bbPress.

That said, what’s in bbPress now should be considered final for a 2.2 release, barring any obvious bugs uncovered in the next few days.

Once bbPress 2.2 is out, I’ll be converting the support forums at BuddyPress.org over. This will come with some significant updates to the site as a whole, as we work towards unifying some of the BuddyPress/bbPress/WordPress .org experience.