In BuddyPress 1.7 we’re concentrating on simplifying as…

In BuddyPress 1.7, we’re concentrating on simplifying as much of the experience of using BuddyPress as we can. Part of this involves removing the update/installation wizard and replacing it with simple automation; because making out-of-context decisions immediately after activating BuddyPress didn’t really make anyone happy.

We’ll take care of the complexities and decision making, and redirect to a “What’s New” page similar to WordPress and bbPress.

Developers: if you somehow managed to write a plugin that used the old wizard (we purposefully did not make it very extensible) consider this your warning that it is already gone in BuddyPress trunk. 🙂

Those of you that really liked it, we think you’ll like the new experience even more. If not, be sure to let us know what you think and why when 1.7 is released.