Spent some time today cleaning up the many…

Spent some time today cleaning up the many international subdomains we have at BuddyPress.org. If you are an admin for one of these sites, take a look around and make sure things aren’t too broken. A few things:

  • Cleaned up about 5k pending spam comments across all the sites. Yikes!
  • It’s using some unified header magic right now. You don’t have control over the menus yet.
  • If you want forums, just ask. I activated bbPress on a few of the recently active sites, though I didn’t make any forums for them.
  • If you’re not an admin for any language, but want to be, post here and I’ll be in touch.
  • If you’re an admin and don’t want to be anymore, speak up in case someone else wants to take it over.
  • If you want to trick out your subdomain i18n site beyond what is immediately obvious, comment here so we can figure out how to make it happen.