GSoC 2013

This year, BuddyPress is going to apply for GSoC 2013. In previous years, we’ve tagged along under the WordPress application, but we’re going it alone this time! I’m taking care of the application, but I need the community’s help in building the list of project ideas, and finding potential mentors.

I’ve borrowed a bunch of text for this post from Jen’s WP Core post 🙂

Potential Mentors

If you want to volunteer to be a mentor, you need to be good enough with WP + BP coding that you generally don’t need oversight to get it right, and have enough time to be available to your student for feedback and code review (at least once per week).

The time commitment can be anywhere from one hour to ten hours per week, depending on how far along your student’s project is, and what there is for you to review; an hour or two a week is typical.

You get an awesome GSoC tshirt at the end! I’ve directly approach a bunch of qualified people already, so if I’ve spoken to you, no need to post again here. But if you want to be a mentor, leave a comment on this post with a short/one-paragraph bio about yourself, what kinds of projects you are interested in/qualified to mentor, and links to your website, profile, and twitter account.

Project Ideas

The more project ideas the better. There’s no shortage of good BuddyPress project ideas, but these all need to be written up. The Project Ideas list is the most important part of our application. The projects must be code, though, not design or documentation, etc.

List your project ideas in a comment on this post. Please give it a title, and a short one-paragraph description. If there’s a ticket or relevant thread somewhere, link to it.

BP GSoC Meeting

On Monday 25th at 19:00 UTC, we have a quick meeting on IRC to review progress with our GSoC application, and to discuss anything else GSoC-related.