Automated tests are now in BuddyPress core

Over the last few months, Paul and I have been building a framework for writing unit and integration tests for BuddyPress. As of tonight, the BuddyPress automated test suite is part of BuddyPress core. (See r6905-6908)

I’ve started a Codex page about our tests: The BP tests are modeled after the WordPress suite; you can read much more about how WordPress tests work at

If you are a BuddyPress plugin developer, or if you contribute to BuddyPress itself, you’re highly encouraged to use, and contribute to, our test suite. The test coverage right now is very, very sparse, but we hope that it will improve as we fix bugs and refactor various parts of the codebase.

An exciting feature of the BP test suite is that it allows dependent plugins to write tests that invoke BP_UnitTestCase and other BP-specific tools. I will write more about this feature, including examples from my own plugins, in the upcoming days.

The testcases are located in the tests/testcases subdirectory of BP’s plugin folder. Bug reports and enhancement requests should be reported to BP Trac.