BuddyPress 1.8 scope and timetable

At yesterday’s dev chat, we made some broad decisions about scope, and some specific decisions about timelines, for the BuddyPress 1.8 release cycle.


The major improvements slated for BP 1.8, and the team members who’ve committed to lead them up:

  • meta_query support for the main template loops. See #3521 and Eric Lewis’s preliminary patch for the activity component. (Boone)
  • Migrating to the WP Rewrite API. See #4954. (John)
  • Template hierarchy for BP template parts. See #4639. (Ray)
  • Automatic download and update of language packs. See #4857. (Paul)
  • General tidying of BP UI styling. See #4953. (Tammie)
  • New template pack. See #4952. (Tammie)
  • Miscellaneous improvements to BP_Group_Extension. See #4955. (Boone)
  • Convert group member queries to BP_User_Query. See #4482. (Boone)

A number of these items (especially #4482 and #4952) are somewhat questionable for 1.8, due to their size and to our tight deadlines. The team may decide partway into the cycle to punt them.

In addition to the major items listed above, the 1.8 milestone contains a number of smaller enhancements, which can be rolled into the release if folks step up to the plate with patches, testing, and feedback.


We’re experimenting with a short release cycle: six weeks for feature development, and six weeks for testing. The following dates are of particular interest:

  • June 5, 2013 – End of feature development. Beyond this date, nothing gets committed that is not either a bug with a new feature, or a regression from 1.7.x. Any major features from the list above that are not commit-ready by this date will not be included in BP 1.8. At the dev meeting on June 5, the team will make decisions about borderline cases – features that are partially implemented. We plan to release BP 1.8 beta1 in the days immediately following June 5.
  • July 17, 2013 – BP 1.8 final release

The timetable is, by design, compressed. As part of our experiment in a shorter dev cycle, we’re going to hold to this proposed schedule as strictly as possible.


Interested in contributing to BuddyPress during the 1.8 dev cycle? The more the merrier! Join us in our weekly dev chats (see sidebar for details), visit one of the tickets listed above, or dip your toe into the 1.8 milestone. Core devs are generally lingering in freenode #buddypress-dev, so please stop by if you’re looking for a place to start.