At yesterday’s dev chat we agreed the scope…

At yesterday’s dev chat, we agreed the scope of BuddyPress 1.9. Very exciting news, and we’ll have a post up soon for people who missed the chat. If you’re super-keen, read the IRC logs.

A smaller group of contributors had a separate discussion before the dev chat. We discussed the big picture, our thoughts on how we want BuddyPress to grow in the future, and the kind of things that we think we need to do to get there. Boone summarised this well in the dev chat:

We’ve been talking about some major ways in which BP could be improved over the next couple releases. Some that were mentioned: some media/upload support; better new user experience (NUX) for the new site admin and new site user; privacy/roles/permissions.

The first two of these are things that are likely to be built as plugins, by teams that include members of the core team but will probably include others as well, and then integrated into core when and if it’s felt appropriate. Kinda like the template pack stuff.

The last stuff about privacy is quite complex, but there is already a ticket or two in Trac in the 1.9 milestone having to do with some first steps toward having more fine-grained permissions in certain aspects of BP, which’ll create the groundwork for fine-grained privacy sometime down the road.

Other topics that came up were the codex and, and how important those are towards making BuddyPress approachable as a developer’s toolkit, as well as aid to attracting new contributors to the project (aka selling the dream).

We don’t expect any of these things to be done by 1.9 but we imagine that work on them will be ongoing through this dev cycle and the next few as well. We’re going to write more dev posts on this blog about these possible projects, so if anyone’s interested in contributing in any way, check back here soon, or you can contact members of the core team directly.