BP Codex Review

As part of the 1.9 release cycle it was considered time to focus some much needed energy on the BuddyPress documentation. There have been many great new features and improvement to BP over the last three releases and we need to bring the documentation up to date with them. While the community has contributed pages and guides to cover many of these, such as theme compatibility, component API etc, what is desperately needed is a solid review of the codex structure and audit of existing pages.

So the Codex Review is a two stage process:

The first stage is to present an initial outline structure  – as seen below on this page – this has been prepared by @mercime & @hnla.

The second stage is a full audit of all existing pages to check if they are in need of updating, or archiving as no longer relevant, and to highlight new pages that are required on topics.

The outline below is our suggested starting point and we encourage everyone to add comments and suggestions from which we can further modify and improve this structure.

Proposed outline – main codex sections & preliminary sub-sections/pages

A. Introduction

To include links to legacy docs ? and version downloads plus any relevant useful links

B. Getting Started

  • Before Installing
    • Installing BuddyPress
      • Plugins > Add New
      • FTP/cpanel
      • Securing install – backups etc ( guide exists)
  • BuddyPress Components and Features

C. User Guide

  • Introduction (page parent, right hand sub page menu) –
    • Configuring BuddyPress
      • Settings > BuddyPress > Components
      • Settings > BuddyPress > Pages
      • Settings > BuddyPress > Settings
  • Managing Components
    • Activity Stream Admin Panels
    • Group Management Admin Panel
  • Languages & translations, labels
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tutorials(1)
  • etc. etc.
  • D. Theming – building sites with BP

    • Introduction (page parent, right hand sub page menu) – covers the essential principles for building sites / themes e.g. Standalone, working as child theme, clarifies bp-default/bp legacy.
    • BP Theme Compatibility
      • BP Default Child Theming
      • BP Theme Unit Test – ala WP Theme Review Test – BP Default Theme and Twenty Twelve theme – @mercime already started this then stopped to create those BP Component Pages in Codex
      • Tutorials(1)

    E. Developer Documentation

    • Introduction (page parent, right hand sub page menu) –
      Function Reference ala http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference
      • Template Tags
      • Actions
      • Filters
      • Main BP loops, e.g. members loop, activity loop etc.
      • Functions list ?
      • Building and extending components – adding screens, dirs, setup globals, the template stack etc. Skeleton Component – relevant any longer? In need of updating!These guides are likely suited to ‘Tutorials’
      • Tutorials(1)
      • phpdoc.buddypress.org

    F. Contributor Guide
    This could be placed on the general intro page?

    • Contributing to BuddyPress
    • IRC and Blogs

    G. Archives (Legacy) possibly linked to from intro page

    Proposed Timelines

    This is the proposed timeline for the various stages of the BP Codex Review.
    These dates are not set in stone, but are a suggested as achievable target milestones.
    All comments and suggestions sought and welcomed.

    Aug 6, ’13 Post General Outline for Dev feedback in IRC the next day Aug. 7.
    Aug 26, ’13 Incorporate audit of current content in Outline. Listing of what’s updated and what’s not as well as what needs to be added. For Dev feedback the next day Aug. 21
    Sept. 3, ’13 Post what’s done in bpdevel.wordpress.com as well as BPorg Forums for :
    • volunteers who will create needed content or update specific pages of Codex listed
    • feedback re general outline
    Oct. 3, ’13 Target date for completing first pass at Codex update/restructure per outline.
    • De-clutter: archive or delete old pages.
    • Re-factor the codex structure.
    • Shuffle existing pages into relevant sections.
    • Work with Devs on outstanding Codex articles required for BP 1.9
    Nov. 7, ’13 Codex Target Completion