Codex Progress Update & TOC Re-visited

Codex Progress Update & TOC Re-visited

It’s time for a brief progress report from the codex team on current status of the codex.

Both Mercime and I have been working away on the first phase of the codex: restructuring of existing pages under new sections while also performing the ongoing audit of those existing pages to establish what needed updating or removing, a task in it’s self which is a lot more work than one expects.

In beginning the re-shuffling pf pages under new sections it quickly became apparent that my original fear – and one of the reasons people found pages hard to find – of ending up with pages too deeply nested under sections & sub-sections was coming true; even with our revised TOC we were finding that we were arriving at pages buried four or five clicks in, something that we didn’t really want, we had always wanted pages to be reached as quickly as possible. After agreement that we needed to rectify this Mercime undertook to review this and implement one last revision where the sections were revised to be six top level ones with child pages living directly under, increasing those top sections meant far less nesting and altogether a far better visual layout to menus.

We are happy now that this revision will serve the codex and users well, based as it is on the user feedback we gathered from the codex survey.

The initial phase to clean up and refresh the codex has been completed by the restructuring of the documentation as mentioned above.

The revised TOC has now been created as a google spreadsheet by mercime which is far more helpful in managing things it can be viewed and commented on at this link:

We are now working to add the new pages required into this sheet, a fair bit of which is done now and also adding in those members that have kindly offered to write articles. while that happens we also start to look at where we can improve the visual style and menus where applicable and write up a Codex ‘Standards & Guidelines’ to help people who wish to contribute to the Codex in future.

For those who want to contribute, following are lists of outstanding and suggested articles based on user feedback from members. If you want to participate, post a comment below and we’ll note ownership of the article in this post.

So to sum up, things are moving in the right direction, the work is slow but we expected that, it needs to be as thorough as possible to serve the community well.

The codex Team,
hnla, mercime.