Codex Articles Begin To Arrive

A first flurry of new articles have began to arrive at the Codex’s door and the codex team wish to thank those people for their submissions.

Articles have been submitted by:

shanebp buddypress-member-toolbar-menu

PollyPlummer & Luca customizing-buddypress-avatars

dcavins displaying-extended-profile-fields-on-member-profiles | modifying-the-registration-form | preventing-spammer-registration

Also the team thank Sarah for her continued support and encouragement over at WordPress Tavern

We wait with bated breath for the next batch of articles to arrive in and if you are interested in writing for the codex you can still see if any of the suggested articles take your fancy on the codex article list, if one does get in touch and we’ll put your name to it or if you have suggestions please let us know.

The Codex recently submitted articles and suggestions list

Codex TOC