A couple of weeks ago WordCamp London happened…

A couple of weeks ago, WordCamp London happened. As is becoming increasingly common, the day after the conference was Contributor Day. In a nutshell, a Contributor Day is an opportunity for you to learn how you can make your own contribution to WordPress, in a room full of friendly and helpful people.

A small group of us got together and spent the time contributing to BuddyPress; big thanks to those who stopped by, even for a quick chat. Mad props goes to Noel Tock, haykayltduk (Anand), @karmatosed, and @hnla. We spent a long fun day working on a couple of projects and brainstorming.

We’re pretty proud to share one of these with you now. Introducing a refreshed appearance for the BuddyPress Codex: new header colour, re-designed sidebar, countless typography improvements — and be sure to scroll to the very bottom of the page!

This has inspired us to focus on making many more improvements to our websites in the year ahead, and already there’s all sorts of things happening behind the scenes to make it much easier for people to contribute in these ways. Stay tuned!