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The codex has received another batch of super cool articles and the team and community thank those contributors for all their hard work:
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Keep them coming! 🙂

As always if anyone has suggestions for articles or would like to claim an article suggested to work on please check the Codex Articles Submissions List

Codex Templates:
Can we remind prospective authors that there are basic templates saved as draft pages in the codex that should be used for any articles being written, these are simple markup frameworks that provide a little uniformity and styling hooks should we need them and ensure we get a consistent look to the Codex pages.

Codex page – ‘Template Tag Reference’:

Although the BP dev team intend on introducing a phpdocs feature to the codex for classes/functions we have an existing page that is a useful reference for template tags, the page, found here, isin need of review, we have put a notice on the page and a provision for markup that can be copied to add a green checkmark against entries tested as valid current usage tags.

If you have time, it would be great if you could check one or two entries and either mark them as current and checked or mark them as outdated at the top of the page and let us know.