The Codex – Into 2014

Now we have settled in to the new year, it’s time to review our plans and ongoing tasks for the codex.

2013 saw a major overhaul of the BuddyPress Codex with a general re-structuring of it’s layout, a start at a design overhaul, and many new articles submitted and published to the codex, which once again we thank all those who contributed enormously.

We have structured the Codex project into two stages and phases; currently we have completed Stage 1, phases 1 – 3 and are now looking at stage 2 phase 4. While many of the tasks in this phase relate to follow ups such as ‘trac ticket resolutions’ & technical aspects of page layouts vis a vis menus etc in the broader scope of things we still have a focus on these primary aspects:

  1. Codex articles
  2. Refactor ‘Getting Started’ section into the ‘User’s Manual’
  3. Ongoing auditing and updating of existing codex articles (especially with a view to BP 1.9 compatibility)

In respect of Codex articles we would like to see any contributions that especially focus on the ‘Getting Started’ aspect that help the newcomer to BP get settled in e.g. a detailed view of how BP handles the registration process.

Articles that have been suggested or that have been ‘claimed’ and that are still outstanding we will follow up on and see where things stand, while always sensitive to the time constraints of those that have offered – writing articles is no small feat. 🙂

The list of suggested articles and those ‘Claimed’ may be seen here:

The current Codex task scratch pad is available for viewing here:

As always we welcome and value any comments on the work to date on the codex, or any suggestions anyone may have on the continued efforts to create the best codex there is (after the WP Codex naturally 🙂 ) comments & suggestions may be left on this entry.

Onwards & upwards,

~The BP Codex Team.