Template team update for this week

  • We are now on track with the coding sprint as of Monday.
  • A flurry of commits happened over the weekend.
  • The major overhaul weekend task was to bring back the ids and classes to stop breaking scripting. This was quite an overhaul but worth doing.
  • I am waiting from @hnla to hear about if you are going to take on messages – hope you are. (You have Trisha offering to help with that team which is great).
  • We have most basic styling in – the sprint now moves onto styling, padding and making it look less thrown on a page 🙂

Next week:

  • Motor motor motor as speed through the code sprint fortnight.
  • We could do with more hands on the sprint as we push on with issues – we are still at the template end though. As always if you want to do an issue or help please add note on github issues: