Attachments in BuddyPress

We all know there’s a lot of expectations about adding a “media feature” to BuddyPress core. Team wants to do the right choices about it so this feature behave nicely with existing plugins dealing in this area, and so that custom components will be able to use it for their particular needs.

For a detailled story of our discussions, you can check the trac ticket 5429.

During the 2.0 dev-cycle, we’ve decided to move this feature into a plugin.

A month ago, i’ve published the very first version of BP Attachments: a component to help others deal with media/files. This version is available on github and we are very interested by your feedbacks/contributions about it.

This plugin is requiring at least BuddyPress 2.0 and WordPress 3.9.

The github repository also includes a wiki where i’ve described how to install/activate it and the way it works. So far the plugin can deal with Group and Member’s attachments & avatars.

If you’re dreaming about having such a feature in BuddyPress, help us make it come true!

Get involved:

  • you can simply test it, report bugs, enhancements, or thoughts.
  • as a plugin author, you can help us check there are no conflicts (such as duplicate names in functions)
  • if you want to join the adventure by pulling requests or suggesting patches, that would be awesome!

Usefull links: