The Codex 2014 update

It’s been a while between updates for the codex but it’s been busy year so far on and of.

Needless to say the Codex hasn’t been forgotten and the team and those willing helpers will be re-focusing on various aspects to do with:

  • Further enhancing and improving the sectioning of pages and their parentage, ensuring guides are in the most appropriate sections and are easy to find.
  • Attending to minor styling updates to help the menus stand out for nested items, heading sizes/positioning

  • Ongoing checking of some of the older articles to check for accuracy and up to date references.

We’ll manage these tasks on a monthly basis in a simple single google doc:
Codex monthly task list (while exploring the possibility of using some free project management tools to take over from google docs)

Naturally we welcome feedback, good or bad 🙂 to help us know if we’re on track. Any comments are helpful, let us know whether there are areas that you think could be improved, and any volunteers to help tackle these areas are always welcome.

Lastly some belated acknowledgements for submitted articles over the course of this year are due so thank you to the following people for their contributions:

@chouf1 – heaviliy revised, new content
Revisions & Updates:
@shanebp The-activity-stream-loop & the-group-members-loop-bp-group-has-members

As ever the contributions from the community are what make the Codex a valuable and vibrant resource so keep them coming.

The codex team.