Dev chat agenda for Wed 19 November 2014

Hi everyone – I have a few items I’d like to discuss during tomorrow’s dev chat, and I thought I’d start a list here so that others could add their own:

#6005 – Some improvements to the interface on the Messages screen. Started as some minor improvements to no-js support, but has blossomed into some more intermediate-level interface changes. Mainly, I want to be sure that the team is on board with making changes of this magnitude in bp-legacy.

#6008 – After some discussion, we’ve moved toward the recommendation of removing HTML altogether from page titles in theme compat. This will mean moving the “Create a Group” and “Create a Site” buttons elsewhere, and will mean a slight change in existing behavior for users who expect the title to be clickable. I’d like for the team to agree on whether this level of breakage is OK, given the benefits.

#6005, #6008, #6028