Codex News

The codex team are still quietly working away albeit at a gentle pace.

As part of a month by month task list as mentioned in the last update we have reorganized some of the pages in the codex. Further review of articles under the Developer Resources section resulted in finding some deprecated references and moving these to the Archives.
In addition we have added a few new sections and pages as follows:

New sections created:

Administrator Guide –

Member Guide – ‎

These two sections are top level sections aimed at providing detailed guides for members and administrators of sites. This complements the more basic section ‘Getting Started’
We could do with some community involvement in non technical write ups for using BP from a user front end perspective for these sections, and we’ll list a few ideas for new pages towards the end of the post.

New subsections created:

Updating custom themes for new functionality – A new section exists added as a sub section of ‘Themes’. The idea of this section is to provide clear detail on any template updates that are required in order for new functionality to be available and will be listed by BP version release. This is intended to help those that have custom themes, overloaded templates, who may miss out on functionality that would normally become available to bp-legacy templates and will show exactly what aspects of markup / styles need to be adjusted.

User Submitted Guides Under the theming & developer sections new sections are added intended to hold community submitted guides that are more related to extending BuddyPress for more custom requirements rather than describing core features.

The restructuring allow us to group codex articles into clearly defined areas while avoiding nesting pages too deeply in the hierarchy. The codex structure adheres to a principle of two levels down from the primary codex home page.

Recently Published Articles

There have been a number of articles added to the codex recently:

In addition we greatly thank contributions from, @Myg0t ‘Useful functions & hacks when using S2member

Improve Codex Navigation

Part of our administrative task is to improve user experience in the BP Codex. This month, our focus is on fixing the navigation structure in the codex sidebar menu and to reveal the hidden breadcrumbs. We’re following up on getting #5906 implemented. In this ticket the codex navigation structure in the sidebars where sub sections show the child pages or main sections and clearly styled to represent a section or page. This will help to facilitate navigation within sections of the codex.

Your Participation is Welcome

If you have suggestions for articles you believe will be useful and should be added to the BP Codex or articles you would like to write, we would love to hear them! Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

For your reference:
BuddyPress Codex table of Contents

That’s all for now,
The Codex Team.