Summary of Dev Chat held December 10, 2014

Trac Tickets

#6006: User/Member Types API
* Additional testing and feedback welcome. @johnjamesjacoby will be testing with HyperDB and separate servers.

#6008: Remove HTML from post_title for groups
* @johnjamesjacoby opened the discussion on where to place the link/button to create a group in the Groups directory since it was decided in a previous devchat that the link/button will not be inserted within the title tag of the Groups directory page.
* @im4th  suggested  adding the link as the last item in the navigation tabs.
* Decision: Move forward with adding the link to create groups/blogs at the end of the item nav tabs per image linked to above. This is only for the BP Theme Compatibility templates. There will be no changes in the BP Default theme.
* Update: Discussion was reopened by @djpaulgibbs some hours after the meeting regarding the placement of the links. @im4th has posted new screenshots of the link to Create a Group four days ago. The issue is not resolved at this point.

#4988: bp_has_activities to accept multi scope
* @im4th reported that he has tested the patch and gave a positive feedback.
* @rayisme will work through the tiny hide_sitewide issue to get this feature into BP 2.2.

#5733: Use wp_cache_add_global_groups() so cache is applicable throughout multisite
* @johnjamesjacoby will be adding the new version of the patch used for Flox.
@rayisme proposed fixing the original count caching discrepancy issue for multisite installs, i.e., switch those count cache groups temporarily to ‘bp’, then conduct an audit of the cache groups at later date.
* Core devs discussed alternative and better ways of caching for bp_blogs_get_blogmeta() for multisite installations with different configurations .
* Cache for multisite is relative to root blog by default and the global cache group could be removed eventually.

BuddyPress 2.2 Release Schedule

  • BuddyPress 2.2 RC1 – January 7, 2015
  • BuddyPress 2.2 – January 28, 2015
  • @johnjamesjacoby will be packaging the 2.2 release. He mentioned that he will also use that day as an opportunity to train anyone else who’s interested in packaging releases someday. There’s a checklist of things to do on release date.

BuddyPress Codex Update

  • @hnla gave an update of improvements and changes to the codex per his latest post in this blog.
  • Main issues in the codex are the missing navigational elements like the hidden breadcrumbs and the links to child/grandchild pages in the sidebar which make it hard for people to find information.
  • Related trac ticket: re BP Codex Theme Adjustments. @johnjamesjacoby will be checking the issue.

Slack log

  • 12/10/14 –

#4988, #5733, #6006, #6008, #dev-chat