Dev Chat Summary for March 4, 2015

BuddyPress 2.2.2

Maintenance release is on the roadmap. This version has 8 bug tickets squashed and 2 remaining tickets in queue.

Notification Meta

#6257 @johnjamesjacoby has some more work to do in ticket and would be calling for testers when it’s ready. He said, “As of now, existing notification query pass all tests. All that’s needed are new tests for the meta itself, similar to other existing meta tests. “

Attachments API

#6278 @im4th has started building an “attachment” tool (mainly dealing with managing uploads) which the avatar/plugins could use to upload files for the first patch. Interesting discussions about usage for this API such as cover photos, blog avatars, favicons, etc.

BP Stylesheets for WP Default Themes

#6248 @hnla has been making some notes and will be working on the themes bundled with a new WordPress download: Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Fourteen, and Twenty Thirteen themes. Twenty Twelve theme was included later after almost all of the contributors present revealed that Twenty Twelve is still their favorite WP Default Theme. @im4th awarded the BuddyPress Prize for the Best BuddyPress theme to … Twenty Twelve 🙂

Slack Log:

#6257, #6278, #dev-chat