Dev Chat Summary for March 18, 2015

Improve representation of blog posts in the Activity Stream

(#6177) @djpaulgibbs introduced the new BP_Media_Extractor class and has committed this to trunk. This new class will “extract comprehensive media information from a new/updated blog post and use the information to build a much richer excerpt for blogs posts for activity items.”
Testing and feedback welcome.

Attachments API

(#6278) @im4th worked on the BuddyPress Attachments API by introducing 2 new classes.
1) BP_Attachment: the base class to manage the uploads of attachments.
2) BP_Attachment_Avatar: extends the base class to manage all avatar uploads. These are now committed to trunk.
Testing and feedback welcome.

2015 BuddyPress Survey

(#5980) The number of respondents to date are lower than last year’s for the week. Extending deadline is a possibility.
Update: Many thanks to @photomatt and @otto42 for helping us promote this survey. Please RT and take the survey if you haven’t yet 🙂

Open Floor

  • @ubernaut mentioned that a user has to save after each tab in the group creation process and noted that it would be better for a user to save only once after the process. @boonebgorges said that “rebuilding the way group settings tabs work, so that it could all be shown on the same screen – that would be pretty hard”, then advised @ubernaut to create a ticket for the feature. New ticket: (#6304) Group admin tabs should not require separate page loads for view/save.
  • BuddyPress at WordCamp London. From @hnla: “We’re expecting a good turn out for the contributor day and preparing lots of fun stuff people can get involved in – 1001 fun things to do in BP code.”

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#5980, #6177, #6278, #6304, #dev-chat