A State of the Buddypress Attachments

About a year ago, i was introducing the BP Attachments plugin.

What happened since in this plugin’s repo?

Not much, unfortunately. And i guess i’m partly responsible about it. So first i’d like to thank Landwire who is the only one apart from me who reported issues or asked questions about the plugin.

1) do we want a BuddyPress Attachments feature to land in core in a future release?

My personal reply is of course!

During the BuddyCamp Brighton, many of you came to talk to me about their eagerness to finally be able to rely on a core feature about Attachments. So I think the majority of the members of the BuddyPress community are waiting for this to happen.

2) Am I right?

What happened since in BuddyPress core?

In 2.3.0 the core team introduced the BP Attachments API. We first took care of the Users/Groups profile photos so that they are now using it. We now have a new extendable Avatar UI to deal with user submitted uploads.

These last two weeks, I’ve been working “fast & furious” on the BP Attachments plugin so that it now fully uses the BP Attachments API. Watch this demo about it 🙂

As you can see the plugin is extending the new Avatar UI to manage any user uploads.

If you replied “yes” to my two questions, then you should really consider contributing to the BP Attachments plugin to help us make it great!