Twentysixteen Companion Styles

With the impending release of a new WP theme ‘Twentysixteen‘ in WordPress 4.4 – towards the end of December- , we thought it prudent and a good opportunity to have a look at the theme and implement a ‘Companion’ stylesheet for it as we have been doing for the previous WP themes.

WP 4.4 due to ship late December would likely fall towards the end of the BuddyPress 2.5 release cycle but before we would be ready for release, so with that in mind we decided it wouldn’t hurt to take an advanced look at Twentysixteen and implement our companion stylesheet in our 2.4 release, especially as Twentysixteen was pretty much at a completed state. As this is technically an early release ( although late in our release cycle ) the view was we could implement the sheet and then if necessary tweak and update through our 2.5 cycle.

As with the previous companion styles for twentyfifteen, twentyfourteen etc these styles are intended to compliment the theme and harmonize, while allowing us to address any specific styling issues that might be evident.

Today, Saturday, sees the initial commit of the scs sheet updated for new breakpoints, and layouts of BP screens re-factored for the new themes widths and breakpoints, along with a basic run trough the styles to update and address any initial and obvious issues.

fullwidth bp-user account screen sans sidebar

fullwidth bp-user account screen sans sidebar

We can now iterate on these styles and further refine them where we see outstanding layout concerns or simply for any design factors thought applicable and that suited / complimented twentysixteen.

We would love any feedback from developers, community members and anyone interested in running twentysixteen plus BP ( twentysixteen will only run under WP 4.4 so you will need to be running WP trunk ).

Feedback, comments, patches or simply code snippets (if working with the scss file is awkward) may be left on the master ticket for twentysixteen:

We look forward to hearing any and all comments and suggestions to help BP look at it’s best running under this theme.