Committer updates for BuddyPress 2.8

For the 2.8 dev cycle, we’re pleased to announce that three contributors will be joining us as guest committers:

  • Slava Abakumov (slaFFik) is the BP 2.8 release lead. He’s a longtime contributor to the BuddyPress project, where’s he’s had an especially notable impact on improving internationalization and extensibility.
  • Stephen Edgar (netweb) will be joining the team to focus on build/test tools. He is a member of the bbPress team, and plays an extensive role maintaining build tools for bbPress, BP, and WP.
  • Laurens Offereins (Offereins) has been contributing to BuddyPress since 2014. He’s been key in building out the Member Type and Group Type features over the last few releases, bringing a keen eye for spotting nasty bugs.

Congratulations to Slava, Stephen, and Laurens!

#2-8, #committers