REST API (re)kickoff meeting: Tuesday, December 13

Hey, remember REST API endpoints? Let’s build some for BuddyPress.

We’ll be holding a one-hour discussion to reignite the BP REST API project, at 1900 UTC on Tuesday, December 13, in #buddypress on Making WordPress Slack. A rough agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • What work has already been done on building endpoints? See eg
  • Assuming that we can’t build every endpoint at once, how should we prioritize? Some possible topics for discussion:
    • Which component is most representative of BP content, such that we should use it as a blueprint for other component endpoints?
    • Do we start with read only, vs read-write? How does the authentication problem affect this question?
    • Where can we start using the API in BuddyPress itself? bp-nouveau? The Dashboard?
    • What are some other projects that might serve as prototypes for the API in progress?
  • What kind of architectural planning needs to happen before we can start building? Things to think about:
    • Certain actions, such as the CRUD actions, are common to various BP content types. BP core functions are not always consistent in naming conventions about them (‘insert’ vs ‘create’, etc). Here we have a chance to standardize.
    • We should strive for a consistent parameter vocabulary across components. For example, if you pass a user_id parameter to bp_has_groups(), you get a list of groups of which the user is a member. But if you pass a user_id parameter to bp_has_activities(), you get a list of activity items created by the user. What concepts are shared across the components?
  • What kind of model for development and integration into BP core should we pursue? How much do we try to develop as a plugin before merging?
  • Who’s in? 🙂

This is more than we can solve in a single session, but it should give you some ideas of the questions we ought to think about before we dive into crushing code.

See you next Tuesday!