Nouveau Template Chat

At slightly short notice (although briefly mentioned last week on slack) I’m resuming the template chats for Thursdays @ 20:00 utc ( or earlier if it suits more people? )

As today is at short notice the chat is a more informal one to get the ball rolling again and I hope anyone that is interested will check in and lend a voice.

We’ll keep to a short meeting of 30 mins – depending on how things go this might roll on longer.

As the Nouveau project is in a fairly complete state vis a vis templates, styles, majority of the directory structure, functions/classes etc this is the opportune moment to discuss the areas that will dictate how the template pack is managed and executed in BP core and these areas to some extent dictate how work on the project in general moves forward.

The discussion points are therefore:

  1. Agreement or otherwise that template packs or templates are run in the core bp-templates folder.
  2. If running from core do we want to implement the template switching process? See ‘UI to Pick Template Packs‘ Trac ticket & to be considered in this point is that imath has effected a very effective solution here currently in use if running Nouveau as a plugin
  3. If we do run multiple templates – what if any are the implications of supporting these multiple packs in terms of time updating them if required?
  4. In terms of styles I’ve followed a ‘partials’ approach to breaking the various components into smaller file includes compiled into the main .scss sheet, the principle notion here was that those ‘ _partials’ are maintained in <code>/src/bp-templates/shared/styles/</code> and can be used as a base set for any new set of templates (obviously not being compiled into the ‘build’ for final releases). Although I have kept things flexible so we have options I think this best approach so would seek consensus &/or opinion here.

There is a fair bit to discuss just in the points above, ideally we seek consensus on these points so we can move forward but am  not expecting we can achieve this in one chat session but making a start is the important thing.

Hope to see as many there as possible.


P.S. Please feel free to leave any comments about the points above or any other thoughts on the Nouveau templates project.

P.P.S. The template pack is available here on the BuddyPress github account ‘Next Template Packs